Introducing the Original
"Hidden Tailor" by Flex-belt

Perfect for the man who really cares about his appearance.

The HIDDEN TAILOR by Flex-beltThe totally unique "HIDDEN TAILOR" provides that expensive, custom-tailored look every man wants for his clothes - the one sure way to keep your shirt tucked comfortably inside where it belongs while your slacks stay up, exactly where you want them. And with no more waistband rollover. 

Perfect for all-day wearing, comfortable "HIDDEN TAILOR" moves with you in the office, out on the golf course, while you work or play anywhere, anytime. And lightweight "HIDDEN TAILOR" stays completely hidden from sight!

The "HIDDEN TAILOR" Keeps Your Wardrobe Looking Crisp and New!

Only the lightweight "HIDDEN TAILOR" prevents shirt-puff completely while it keeps your pants up where you want them. No more loose shirt tail. No more sagging, droopy slacks. Not with "HIDDEN TAILOR".

The "HIDDEN TAILOR" is painstakingly crafted from the finest natural materials - specially perforated to assure complete freedom of movement without weight or bulk, even for today's rugged pace. "HIDDEN TAILOR" is so comfortable, you'll never even know it's there.

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