"Hidden Tailor" by Flex-belt

Our Customers Are Our Best Salesmen!

The HIDDEN TAILOR by Flex-belt"Please send me (3) Flex-Belts for my use. The last one just broke. Greatest thing I have ever had & I think I have had these for 13 years now." PAUL B.

"As one of the rookie umpires I was instructed, in the beginning clinics, to buy the HIDDEN TAILOR as part of the uniform. To make a long story short, I bought one in Jan. of '95 to wear with my umpire uniform and was immediately impressed. I started wearing it with my police uniform with the same great results, so now I wear it with virtually everything." RICK W.

"I have worn the Flex-Belt 'Hidden Tailor' almost everyday since 1935. I would feel undressed without it. It holds my pants correctly around my waist and holds my shirt down neatly. I would not wear a beltless pant without it." DAN M.

"We wear a heavy belt, handgun, cuffs, extra clips, keys, etc., in plainclothes and the Hidden Tailor is the only device we've found that keeps the shirt tail in, while holding up the trousers and all the gear we've got to wear at the same time. It's really excellent for both plainclothes and uniform wear for law enforcement officers." DET. LT. FRANK L.

"I have worn the Hidden Tailor belt for over thirty years and now my last one has worn out. Please tell me where I can get another one." MICHAEL W.